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Traditional Playground Favourites

Always a best seller, our traditional play items include swings, see-saws and more. Providing endless hours of fun for children of all ages, these play items are always a favourite.


Traditional play equipment encourages children to play together or alongside each other as they develop at their own pace.

  • Ideal for children to play together and alongside each other
  • Encourages play at the level of ability that a child is comfortable with
  • Great for children of all ages
  • Encourages free play
  • Made from sustainably sourced timber

Age Suitability of Traditional Play Items : Traditional Play items are suitable for children of all ages from 2 yrs onwards.


Learning Achievements

Traditional Play items are great for helping children develop the following key life skills:

  • Build self-confidence
  • Fun and fitness
  • Processing information and instructions
  • Understanding the world around us
  • Communication and language
  • Understanding personal health and safety
  • Team building and working with others