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Outdoor Classrooms


Providing Stylish Shade Solutions With Excellent UV Protection

Our custom made shade sails are perfect for schools and nurseries that want to provide shade and UV protection so children can learn and play outside, safe from the sun, all year round.

They are a stylish and practical alternative to awnings and umbrellas with great visual effect.

Children are most vulnerable to sun exposure during the first 15 years of their lives. Sunburn during childhood can double the risk of skin cancer in later life. With shade sails for schools, you can create a stimulating, colourful focus for play, or a calm and cool environment for rest or reading in the playground.


Shade Sail Shapes

Colour Options

  • All our shade sails are bespoke, allowing you to choose the colour, shape and size
  • We offer a wide range of colours to compliment the aesthetics of your school environment.
  • Our colours are available in neutral tones, perfect for forest schools or natural conservation areas, or bright colours for playgrounds.
  • Be imaginative! Clever use of shapes, designs and colours can really brighten a playground.
  • We use sustainably sourced timber posts which will enhance any playground, woodland area or forest school space.
  • We offer a range of sizes and shapes making shade sails a very versatile option.
  • Choose from squares, triangles or other shape of shade sail
  • Shade sails can be modular allowing you to expand your shade space at a later stage
  • Free full design and consultation service
  • We work with local authorities, architects, landscape designers and construction companies in designing school playground shade sails

Shade Sails Gallery