Stimulating Children’s Senses!... Whoosh, bang, splat!

Our sensory play items are designed to stimulate a young child’s senses – touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing - helping them play, create, understand and explore the world around them.

Sandpits & Planters

Writing Boards

Giant Games

Music Stations

Play Panels

Every child reacts differently to sensory play but it is proven to be therapeutic, calming, improve motor skills and contribute to language acquisition.

Our range of sensory play equipment includes sand play elements, planters, auditory and musical activities, sensory-rich play panels, spinners, and mirrors.

  • Suitable for children of all abilities
  • Promotes interactive teacher / child play

Age Suitability of Sensory Play Items : Sensory play equipment is suitable for younger children.

Learning Achievements

Sensory play items are great for helping children develop the following key life skills:

  • Communication and language
  • Creativity
  • Understanding the world around us
  • Social skills
  • Literacy and mathematics
  • Design and technology
  • Expressive art and design