Designed and Manufactured in the UK By Our Own Skilled Schools Teams

The school playground is the best place for children to run around and burn off energy. Sometimes, though, children love to gather and chat.

Play tables

Wooden benches & tables

All-Weather tables & chairs

Having places to sit, rest, socialize and also have lessons outside when the weather is good is just as important as having wide open play spaces.

At ‘Outdoor For Schools’ we offer the widest range of playground tables, chairs, benches and other seating ideas. All our school furniture has been designed in-house by our own skilled schools CAD team to encourage social outdoor play and learning and give children a chance to rest and share time with their school friends.

Our great range of playground tables and seating is manufactured in our own UK factory. This means that we are able to easily adapt any playground furniture to suit your own particular requirements or create something completely bespoke and unique to you.

Our range includes wooden outdoor seating, benches and tables using sustainably sourced timber. We also offer recycled, all-weather tables, chairs and benches which are environmentally friendly, colourful, easy to clean and need no maintenance.

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All our outdoor playground furniture:

  • Encourages social outdoor play and learning
  • Provides a comfortable setting for teachers and children to work together
  • Available in a wide range of children’s sizes and heights
  • Wheelchair-friendly options also available in many designs
  • Designed by our in-house schools CAD team
  • Manufactured in our own UK factory
  • Available in a wide range of designs and shapes to suit any playground environment
  • Delivered fully assembled

With our in-house design and manufacturing teams we are able to offer:

  • Imaginative seating
  • Traditional benches
  • Circular and triangular seating
  • Play benches
  • Covered seating
  • Tree seats
  • A seat, table or bench of your own design!