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Up, Over, Under or Across?  – Our Unique Climbing Challenge!

Our distinctive wooden climbing frame range of ‘Haystack Climbers’ offers a climbing challenge like no other play equipment!

With no obvious entrance or exit, children are encouraged to make independent decisions and approach our Haystack Climbers in a different way each and every time they play.

Haystack Climbers enable children to refine their motor skills, explore their abilities and climbing techniques, and develop their problem solving skills. These fun and challenging units will also help develop their strength, coordination and agility.


Don’t forget that as we design and build all our Haystack Climbers in our own UK factory, we can easily combine haystacks for a giant climbing challenge!

  • Single or multiple/combined climbing structure options
  • A unique and modern alternative to traditional climbing frames
  • Encourages more physically challenging play
  • Great for children of all ages from KS1 onwards
  • Endless options to suit your requirements and your space
  • Made from sustainably sourced timber

Age Suitability of Haystack Climbers : Haystack Climbers are suitable for children of all ages from 2 yrs onwards.


Learning Achievements

Haystack Climbers are great for helping children develop the following key life skills:

  • Agility, strength and stamina
  • Build self-confidence
  • Coordination and balance
  • Processing information and instructions
  • Understanding personal health and safety
  • Making independent decisions
  • Problem solving