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Outdoor Classrooms


We are the exclusive UK distributor for this patented design

Whether you need shade in summer or warmth in the winter, we offer a range of outdoor classroom ideas which provide the perfect learning environment outdoors. It has been proven that students are happier and learn better in an outdoor environment.

As well as shade sails, umbrellas and canopies, we offer a range of more permanent solutions for creating beautiful outdoor classrooms for schools and nurseries. This includes the Terrado which is a clever design enabling you to adjust your outdoor area to suit whatever the weather throws at you, keeping your pupils warm and comfortable. It provides the perfect learning environment that both teachers and pupils will love.


The Terrado’s robust powder-coated aluminium construction with integrated laminated security glass provides year round protection against the sun, rain, wind and snow. If the sun is too hot, the optional integrated awning can provide cooling shade at the touch of a button.

Our skilled team of trained designers and installers are all DBS (CRB) checked – meaning that your project will be managed from start to finish by our experienced team of school professionals. They will be able to recommend the best outdoor classroom design and layout for your requirements in accordance with playground safety regulations. We provide a free design service.

Terrado Gallery

The Benefits of Outdoor Classrooms:

  • Shifts educational focus from secondary to primary sources. Traditional classroom teaching uses textbooks, lectures, video and the internet as instructional tools. The Outdoor Classroom exposes students to nature areas and demonstration models such as weather stations, water flow systems and renewable energy installations.
  • Uses experiential teaching methods to engage children. The Outdoor Classroom fosters active, hands-on, inquiry-based learning in a real world setting. Through group problem-solving activities students embrace the learning process as well as seeking final outcomes.
  • Makes learning a multi-sensory experience. By engaging the senses of touch, smell, hearing, taste and seeing, children retain an intimate physical memory of activities that are long lasting
  • Lends itself to cross-subject education. For example, laying out a planting bed requires math skills. Distinguishing native from non-native plants provides an opportunity for social studies. Creating a scarecrow is an art project.
  • Recognizes and celebrates differing learning styles.
  • Connects the school to the neighbourhood and the world-at-large.
  • A Positive Cost to Benefit Ratio. The cost/benefit ratio for installing and maintaining an Outdoor Classroom is attractive.
  • Projects a positive, very visible message to parents, neighbours and children about the importance of education. The Outdoor Classroom serves as a visible reminder that innovation is alive and well in education.
  • Blurs the boundaries between academic learning and creative play. Kids love the Outdoor Classroom. When a teacher asks who wants to go outside every hand is raised. Absenteeism goes down on Outdoor Classroom days. By preserving a child’s innate sense of curiosity and wonder we will foster active and engaged life long learners. Yes, learning can be FUN!