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For More Challenging Play

Fitness trails (also known as trim trails) are the perfect way to get children outdoors and encourage exercise in an exciting, varied and more physically challenging environment.

Our vast range of fitness trails is designed to ensure there is something to meet all your school’s trim trail requirements.  Our innovatively designed products include scramble nets, balance and coordination items, bridges and tunnels, body swings, climbing walls and much more.


Our fitness trails consist of several key components to enable you to create a course with a series of obstacles.  They can be mixed and matched to suit your space, budget and pupils’ requirements. Alternatively, choose from one of our fitness trail packages to provide you with a complete trim trail solution for a ready-made fitness area.

  • Mix and match components or choose a ready-made solution
  • Encourages more emotionally and physically challenging play
  • Great for children of all ages
  • Endless options to suit your requirements and your space
  • Made from sustainably sourced timber

Age Suitability of Fitness Trails: Action stations are suitable for children of all ages from 2 yrs onwards.



Fitness Trail Packages

Learning Achievements

Fitness trails are great for helping children develop the following key life skills:

  • Agility, strength and stamina
  • Enhance competitiveness
  • Build self-confidence
  • Coordination and balance
  • Processing information and instructions
  • Understanding personal health and safety
  • Team building and working with others